• Deciduous

  • Evergreens

  • Shade Trees 

  • Ornamentals

  • Native Species

  • Hedge Varieties

  • Specimen Trees

  • Fruit Trees

Sizes from less than 1" trunk up to over 3.5". Many species in stock

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  • Flowering

  • Evergreen

  • Sun or Shade Loving

  • Foundation Plants

  • Hedge Varieties

  • Flowering Vines

  • Native Species

  • Ground Covers

Cold Hardy, New England grown shrubs in all shapes & sizes

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  • Sun or Shade Loving

  • Drought Tolerent Varieties

  • Ornamental Grass

  • Tons of Color Choices

  • Great for Problem Areas

  • Low Maintenance

  • Splash of Color Year After Year

  • New England Grown 

Most perennials are in 1 or 2 gallon pots, other sizes available

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  •  Apple Trees

  • Pear Trees

  • Peach Trees

  • Cherry Trees

  • Blueberry Bushes

  • Raspberry & Blackberry Canes

  • Grape Vines 

  • Strawberry Plants

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More info on growing fruits available on our Resources page


  • Hanging Baskets

  • Containers

  • Bedding Varieties

  • 6 or 4 Packs

  • Burst of color all summer long

  • Fall Mums

  • Potting Soil & Fertilizer In Stock 

Ask about having custom containers done for you.

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  • Get a jump start on your vegetable garden

  • Many varieties available

  • Most seedlings come in 6 or 4 packs

  • Plant herbs to deter deer & other animals

  • All seedlings come from Maine greenhouses

Please call for current in stock availability  207-998-5390

Landscape Design  &  Garden  Coaching


  • Have our knowledgeable nursery staff help you with design ideas as well as plant selection. Put your individual taste in your landscape.                    

  • Feel free to bring in pictures or rough sketches & measurements           of your project for us to review with you.


  • We will also give assistance on figuring out the amount of bulk material you may need for a specific area. (How much loam & compost to fill a raised bed or the amount of mulch needed to cover an area)

Mon-Fri    8:00 - 5:00
Saturday   8:00 - 4:00
Sunday   -   Closed
Shaker Hill Outdoors
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